We’re specialists in the metal pre-treatment process, providing customers with access to revolutionary products.


Due to their green credentials all of our products help businesses achieve ISO 14001/50001 certification

Cost Effective

All our products are designed to save our customers money by stream-lining their processes to be more efficient, smaller and easier to use

Specialists in metal pre-treatment

We understand that our customers are busy people. That’s why we like to get stuff done as quickly, efficiently, and environmentally-friendly as possible. Our revolutionary pre-treatment processes, Plaforization and PRONORTEC, allow us to do just that. By saving time and energy, our processes enable our clients to save costs, boost capacity and serve their own customers more competitively.

We have over 450 customers worldwide using our Plaforization technology.

Metavate customers

We will help you with...

Manufacturers are facing pressure to hit numerous targets – from increasing throughput to reducing their carbon footprints. But reaching these goals doesn’t have to be complicated. Our metal cleaning and treatment technology will help your manufacturing to become more sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective. If that doesn’t make good business sense, we don’t know what does!

Cost Saving

Our processes require fewer tanks, manpower, water and energy, providing customers with lower running costs.

Energy Saving

Metavate’s ambient treatments mean you'll see no sludge and requires no water or heat.

Space Saving

Because we use fewer steps, you need fewer tanks, giving you more room for production.


We've calculated that in a year since changing over from our old conventional phosphating system, we've saved nearly £70k in chemical costs and labour

It sounded too good to be true but long term trials have proved the process works.

It’s the only process we’ve found that allows us to store cast steel and iron products without the worry of going rusty before assembly / painted.

We’ve seen lots of benefits - resolved storage issues, reduced utility costs, reduced water usage, carbon footprint AND our production time.

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February 18, 2021

Butterfield Signs install new Powder Coating Plant utilising Metavate Pretreatment Technology

Butterfield Signs had been outsourcing their powder coating; by bringing it on site and adopting Metavate technology they have taken control of the whole process

February 12, 2020

Safety Datasheets

Here at Metavate we are committed to providing our customers with a safe environment to work in. Download your relevant product safety datasheets here.

September 19, 2018

Metavate Brand Launches at Surface World Live 2018

Metavate (previously Envirometal Technologies) are pleased to return to the annual Surface World Live event at Birmingham's NEC on 19th and 20th September.